Salutation of navigation

Hate took his place, eight or fifty for low could share plenty.

Ace was spade of clubs diamonds mistook the take.

Spin it or waste I been common to this place.

Green will change your face, red was shy when it was given grace; understanding that these could never replace that face.

I figured it out, the moon controls the the tides so why pout?

When the lows become for the afternoon spout dream or make it out.

Unwavering doubt is what it’s about knowing your free will never equate to any amount material, really..

New Beginnings; Quest for More

Erroneous conduct mystified are you aware of the lies?

Why is it every time they say, ‘the revolution,’ will be televised; we watch one of our leaders die.

Future men living in a past time.

They want our yout’ euthanized, family trees six feet beneath the sky.

We must thrive despite the odds we still survive.

Maintain soul with out structure who would’ve know this trait would be seen as constituted destruction.

Chapter 12

Its a shame to admit pain

People see it as a gain

You must be brave do not sway

Stand tall against the rain, paradise is just a day away

Have you ever touched the gray don’t fray remove yourself from the stay

Make a way make a way don’t stop

Don’t drop, from more while they watched me decay.

Chapter 11

All the wrong turned right, did you feel the thunder?

I’m here to explain that we all stumble after the rumble all that is left is the venue

Reminiscing sitting in the pew bench seats when playing in streets generated heat not from metal that makes these kids forever sleep

I’m here to remind us all we are neat from the souls of our feet the crown of our head

Life isn’t about getting head its about balance instead.

Chapter 10

I realized I’m on the grind for the shine the lord saves us all

Sometimes we all crawl people saw they loved ones get shot while making a basket so I gotta ball to they put me in my casket

Twenty four karat gold buy or sell I abundantly do this thing too well

Futuristic being who aint gonna cast no spells who ain’t gonna bail.

Who knows a Darnell we’ve seen the gleam Supreme it seems freedom can be attainable it seems

Chapter 9

Pockets on hali_(tô);sis, yeah I roast, Facebook antics in the modern twenties I guess I got the poke.

Stinky green stingy green, set the scene yeah dreams; we mean.

High beams twenty/twenty I got the smoke

They said I’m a joke now we trading shots blow for blow sheesh its cold

Who told, story for them equals history

Sincerely, the last man who spoke.

Chapter 7

I can’t stop thinking about drinking out the faucet
Climbing on the counter for the juicies
Now we stand up for the buries
Carry the casket nothing like it, dreaming about filling my grocery basket
Gave me the task and motivation to succeed
I believe have you seen anything
As bright as me
Keep going stay safe as long as I don’t go back to those moldy hallways
I’ll be here always–stay.

Chapter 6

What shouldn’t I be forever lately
Honestly I been up lately wondering why people aint say Nathan
I just been sharing my dinner plate who could hate
Navigate the cross roads who toads amphibians split eyes
Who would know the rose would have rose from concrete now its petals glow
You know you seen part of me before

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