Chapter 3

I only trust my Nana
Saw from the land where they connect that banana
Pops told me that when you pull it is never from the leg up
Who what have thought we was prepared from Double Dutch
Now husky grabbed up in those cuffs
Evaded from the snow off the bluff
Girl spirit something mixed with Hillary and Buffy the vamp slayer..
Who’s take was greater on rough

My Journal

My journal is one of those simple ring binder journals you can pick up from any stationery supplies store. White paper. Ruled lines to cage my venturesome handwriting and doodling. I’m an ocd..note-taker and fill pages to the margins with scrambled thoughts and rough sketches, and recipes. Ideas for the day typically. I usually go through one journal every month.

Staying Organized

Who me? Organized? My lady might tell you otherwise, but I do find it hard to keep track of our weekly schedule. You know: work, school, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering birthdays and significant family events and so on. Fortunately, in our house we all pitch in. No one person does everything. But we do have a little secret that helps our day run more smoothly. It is a little extra tender love and care and understanding ones emotions. While conveying and identifying the things that are important to our development. Whether it be negative or positive and fully listening and not for a rebuttal. That’s the key whether it’s joy or pain I believe everything is a learning experience if choosing to set aside your own self to obtain the whole picture.

Travel Tips

There are millions of tips out there on how to fly with loved-ones, what to bring on camping vacations, which suitcase to purchase, where to go and what to see in just about every corner on Earth. What I want to share today is something a little different – something that I discovered last summer during a walk in the city. It was the sense of being free anywhere if you choose to be and enjoying the little things. Anywhere you go, self love is the adventurous spirit being engaged and being deployed for the biggest star in my opinion. So I encourage anybody and everyone to go outside breathe put your toes in the grass feel the blades all the way to the roots. Look around let the light radiate and encapsulate the essence through your pours, visit with people embrace humanity and live and love.

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