Dirt from flowers the rose had arose.

Writing prose dreaming of those; days so we pray don’t fray.

We got it from the muscle now we over seas flexing and clammed up over pasta.

Done with imposters.

Parents were fosters of the streets just ducking this heat.

Not trying to be under six feet.

You hear that is must be my heartbeat.

Really incomplete:

God body,
I’ve seem so hollow so I holla got to thank my grandparents for the passion to win wash my girls moms feet to show her it was more then vigorous–then winds vs collateral and ends.
.so I spin I love your child more than myself so I sin I can’t entail you that battle within
I would do everything for her my family friends community tends
The first two connected in the end
I bless y’all family as family more then my self so I stress
Wake up remember im blessed, blessing still dressing wish I could dress in God’s armor it could be a shame when the world eats with you so you want to gain
I been ashamed over the same
A shame a sane a way over a way from end dead or souls tucked im soiled up six feet from buried underneath
Forget the tainted misguided flame thats tooling. Peep.
Wishing you could feel more than above the heat for the flame and thr glory seven shots plus two Robert Horry.
Trying to explain human life wrapped in deeper allegory.


I can’t stop thinking about drinking out the faucet.
Climbing on the counter for the juicies.
Now we stand up for the buries.

Carry the casket nothing like it, dreaming about filling my grocery basket.
Gave me the task and motivation to succeed.
I believe have you seen anything
as bright as me

Keep going stay safe as long as I don’t go back to those moldy hallways
I’ll be here always–stay.


Stories to be told
Long and behold chosen amongst the froze
Hearts are full of gold keep going being bold chosen is arose
Sunsets ensuring the sky is the something more above that won’t ever be televised recreated or enterprised
Souls above the realm of so be told skies
I truly offer try figuring out the scheme plot over draft notes eraser marks crumpled paper facing the despise

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